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The Despertar emerged in 2006 by a small group of young people who gathered to decree and to take spiritual lessons.
Gradually more people were coming and in 2009 the group opened its doors to the public to disseminate the teachings of the Great White Brotherhood.
All work is guided by the Master Jesus, El Morya and Saint Germain.
Nowadays the Despertar is a temple, which aims to:
I - Bring the Great Golden Age, restore and build spirituality on the planet.
II-To be a bridge between the students of the Great Masters of Wisdom and the Spiritual Hierarchy.
III - Unify humanity through unconditional love and free man from the darkness of ignorance.


Ferdinando Taveira Alves Junior was born in 1986 in Natal/Brazil. From an early age his spirit has longed to serve humanity.
As a child, He had his first contact with an Ascended Master, El Morya Master, who instructed him during his childhood. In adolescence, Ferdinand becomes messenger of Saint Germain.
Today he is a channeler of the Great White Brotherhood.
In 2006 he starts his job to conduct the Despertar Group, which opened its doors to the public in 2009 after being established by Beloved Lord Maitreya as an Initiation School (Mystery School), which serves as a focal point of the Ascended Masters in the city of Natal, RN/Brazil.
The patrons of the group are Masters Jesus, Saint Germain and El Morya.
In 2011, in the full moon of Pisces, Master Jesus instructed the Despertar to open as a church.
From October 2011 until October 2012 the Despertar was an association. In October of 2012 The Despertar finished as an association and opened as a temple,  which is known nowadays as “Templo Universal Despertar” (Awakening Universal Temple).

Text written by the Director

"O DESPERTAR” (The Awakening)
I learned that we can see the same things through different prisms, The Despertar is no different .
God in its various manifestations is called an almost infinite number of names , and each of these names evokes a unique characteristic of God .
For example, you have a heart but you are not the heart , you are a human being who has a heart, you are the whole of your own parts, although you can work and study  each one of its parts separately, all of your pieces influences the entire of your  Being. Another example: if you are in poor health due to overweight and decides to have healthier habits that will lead you to lose weight, you not only decrease your measurements as well you will rearrange your eating habits , self-esteem will also be affected by the changes and this will trigger a much larger change process than you really expected.
This happens because you are not part of your own being, you are the sum of all your parts. The parties are fragments of what you are in reality. However with the development and improvement of your parts you end up contributing to the development and improvement of your entire Being.
Another example is a teacher, who is a father and playing football on the weekends. This man can be seen in different ways depending on the observer. We can evaluate him as a parent, as a teacher and also as a footballer. When this man change in one of his parts, he will be changed as a whole and it will affects all the other parts .
All these examples my friend, It’s for you to understand that the Despertar can be seen in different ways, but they all serve the unique purpose of the wholeness of your Being, to be an extension of the Great White Brotherhood and a direct bridge to Shamballa on earth.
On Earth, the Despertar is a non- profit organization whose mission is to bring the light of the truth to the four corners of the world. The light of Truth is the message of LOVE that God sends to the world through the messengers of the Great White Brotherhood.
On the spiritual plane the Despertar is an initiatory school (mystery school), that brings together a large number of adherents worldwide. The Despertar brings together all the teachings and its function is to liberate man from the lower plans and elevate to higher planes of consciousness.
For more advanced level students, who achieved by own merit the greater degrees of spiritual initiation, The Despertar reveals the secrets of the universe and unites man with the Cosmic Source of life, merging the inner planes with the Presence of God .
This family also aims to bring PEACE to the world through the creation of a conscious fraternity between all men.
The Despetar is also the name of a special project of the fraternity that aims to awaken all people of the Earth to a higher spiritual reality, and restore in the humanity a "direct line with to heart of Father and Mother God."
This council was convened by the Lord of the world 2500 years ago, and It has the entire Spiritual Hierarchy, including the Elohim, Angels and Masters as participants.
With the transition to the Aquarian Age, the Council was once again gathered and all goals to bring the Great Golden Age were established.
After all the universe is in motion and the arrival of our Galaxy in this particular point of the Universe (the point closest to the center of the Galaxy) is inevitable.  Knowing that, the Masters of Wisdom seek to raise the frequency of the Earth  so that our planet and the humanity may not suffer from the shock with a high frequency energy. The other planets in our Solar System are ascended and profess perfectly the balanced and perfect light of the planetary spirits that are actually bridges of the spirit of our Solar System.
The goal is to become Earth ascended and harmonious with the constructive forces of the Universe.
Another way to see Despertar is like a big hospital or a rehabilitation center, where beings can come and receive the right dose of true compatible with their  development stage and break free from all kinds of addictions and destructive  habits.
In this Mandala of Despertar, was also grounded an Ascensional Bank acting since the physical plane, so it becomes an important point of light to the planet.
The important thing to know is that we are all united in this purpose and we heard  the call of the Great White Brotherhood. We are a point of light taking part in the  Planetary Awakening.
As I always say to all members of this spiritual family: We are the Awakening. Namaste"
Ferdinando Alves Junior Taveira
July 13, 2011.


I–Vicar (Vigário)
II – Helder (divided in Patriarch, Matriarch and Chancellor)
III –Reverend / Minister
IV – Guardian
V – Frater/Soror
VI –Devoted (Dedicantes)
VII- Members

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